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“How can we solve the problem, streamline the process, eliminating the bottle necks while making the system fast, efficient and reliable?”

Fifthe Dimension was started in 2003 as a means to an end. We knew that businesses were growing more and more dependent on their computer systems for every day operation. So much so that any major computer problem could effectively shut down their business. While larger corporations had IT departments to handle their needs, who did small business men and women have? Small IT consulting firms were popping up all over the place but the big problem was that most of them were here today and gone tomorrow.

We saw a need for an area based company that business owners could trust that there “best interests” were kept in mind. A company with well rounded, highly trained industry technicians with good customer service skills who could think “out of the box” and see the entire picture not just the issue at hand. A company that "can" provide solutions for todays business challenges. Fifthe Dimension, Inc. is that company. Our approach is "top down" problem solving whereby the problem and the scope of the business are taken into consideration.

Our promise to you, “We will always strive to solve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

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